“Bold and honest. Phat’s approach to design celebrates materials for what they are; expressing their beauty through form and proportion.”

Claudia Surrage © Phat Design

Christian Cowper  © Phat Design

Christian Cowper © Phat Design

Phat is a studio representing the collaborative work and professional partnership of Christian Cowper and Claudia Surrage: designers with a passion for thought provoking design. Phat combines youthful simplicity with elegant sophistication, playfully treading a path through design.

Craft, an area balanced between art and industry is the foundation of Phat’s work. A personal understanding and sensitivity to materials through hand-making is vital: something that is becoming increasingly scarce with the dominance of technology involved within design. Phat draws inspiration from everywhere, whether; people, movement, texture, colour, shapes, light, and shadows. Maintaining an interested, curious, and open mind is key to Phat’s working process.