F. A. Q.

Why are you called Phat?

This sign is why! Hanging from the most well-known gay club in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Powerhouse!

IMG_1534 2.JPG

Informally, 'phat' is defined as cool. Our name, ‘Phat’ was inspired by this sign saying 'PHUK Every Saturday’, hanging down from Powerhouse nightclub. The subtle distortion in the spelling of P H A T (compared to f-a-t) skews something crude, into something playful: toying with the imagination, provoking curiosity. The subtlety ‘Phat’ embodies, represents our fun, light-hearted, and altered view of design, and how we see the objects around us.

Although humorous, ‘Phat’ exhibits a sophisticated consideration – a consideration carried with us throughout our designs.

Do you do custom orders/ commissions/ design for others?

Yes - we enjoy designing for others, so we would love to discuss the possibilities. If you are interested in a custom order or commission, please get in touch and we will see what we can do!

Will the piece I want look exactly like the picture?

Every piece you see on our website or instagram, has been handmade by us. As they are handmade, they may vary slightly in dimensions and finish - we aim for them to look the same.

The process we use during our ceramics practise results in mostly one-off piece. We do however produce some small batches of items. If you want a one-off piece, you will get the exact one pictured.

Are the ear hooks and hoops for your earrings solid silver?

Yes! We strongly believe in celebrating the truth and honesty towards the materials we use. So, no need to worry about silver or gold plating wearing away, or the commonly low-grade filler metal reacting with your skin.

You have sold out of the piece I would like - will you be making more?

Most likely, yes! Shop updates will be announced ahead-of-time through our Instagram and email (subscribe here). Keep an eye out on our instagram, as there may be some sneak peaks at what might come up. If the piece was stated as a one-off, unfortunately it has gone.

May I post your work on my blog/ website/ magazine?

Yes! Go ahead! Just please be sure to give credit for any and all photographs/ content where credit is due. Thank you!

Phat Design are members and support the aims of ACID (Anti Copying In Design). All copyright, design rights, and intellectual property rights existing in our designs and products, and in the images, text, and design of our website / marketing material are and will remain the property of Phat Design. We will treat any infringement of these rights seriously.

Where is your studio based?

We are based just outside of Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England.